That damnable gun industry, background checks, etc


Simply put, the gun industry gets its riches mainly from all those individuals who in their mental imbalance  either crave to have an arsenal in their possession for whatever paranoid reason they feel is real, or those who are so far off track that they have some kind of craving to shoot missiles at high velocity toward any object, out of some kind of rage and aggression toward society, be it inanimate or alive. The industry knows that without these insane individuals the riches would not nearly be at the level that they are by no means. They know that if assault weapons were banned and background checks were enacted, mainly to keep imbalanced individuals from getting their hands on guns, they would loose most of their purchasing base. They are right. So the industry, by way of the NRA in part and through their warped and paid political Republican allies, puts up a huge fight in preventing any sane legislation to pass, and the victims of gun violence be damned!




People, RISE UP! They have the money, but WE HAVE THE NUMBERS! It has been discovered, through polls, that 80 or 90% of the U S population agree that present gun laws are not effective enough. Yet, because of the Republican resistance, today’s gun legislation effort, April 17th, 2013, failed to pass. President Obama is pleading desperately with us all to become active in government matters and stand up for what we believe in and be counted! We are not going to accomplish anything if we don’t!



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