The evil injuries of Citizens United et al


In case you are not aware: the Citizens United ruling is the one singular cause at the bottom of the economy’s collapse in ’08. Wall street behaved in the unregulated unethical corrupt way because they could under the fact that their devious ways could not be regulated. The banks were bailed out by the government with barely a slap of the hand and now they are again producing record profits for themselves and will again, at some time in the future, collapse the economy after CEOs have made their billions in income and can go live in another country if it gets too hot for them here. The only solution  at this time is to dismantle Citizens United, but it can only happen if the masses of people get off their asses and start demanding that the government dismantle it. Do your own research into this and sign petitions. The president is telling us that the only way to effect real change is for the PEOPLE to rise up and be counted, be responsible, care seriously about what is happening here and what all these super-rich corporations are doing to us all. If you want progress for the 99% and a better life for yourself, at least go out and vote against Citizens United next voting day.  And go watch Bill Moyers and Rachel Maddow on their websites if you don’t already. It will open your eyes about all the current topics of concern.  Please.                                                                                                                                                                                  


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