The state of the world 2013


Turmoil all over the world. Social turmoil. Economic turmoil. Political turmoil. Religious turmoil.  All of them threats to the well being and healthy disposition of Planet Earth. But all of them irrelevant in comparison to the threat from population growth and climate change. If those two elements are not brought under complete control we will be experiencing the Mother of all planetary threats sometime in the not too distant future.


The weather has been changing already. Storms of all kinds getting more intense and frequent. We are polluting the soil and the oceans, our food supplies are dwindling and becoming more unreliable and poisonous. And all the while populations keep growing and we keep decimating our environment and our earthly resources as if the supply will never end. It seems that about 40% of our populations don’t even know what global warming is about. Very unsettling state of affairs. If the trend continues, we will be seeing all weather patterns intensify all around us everywhere and sooner or later it will be our turn for disaster wherever we live. Like the lemmings, we are heading straight for the cliff and the irrepairable plunge. Swim or sink, that will be the order of the day.


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