Obamas’ Reign – moving forward

 This is our house! We can occupy this house!


You heard the president say it many times:

We the People

We the People

We the People




We can direct the course our government will take with our joint voices. Just like we went out and voted four years ago, and more recently again, to change the shape of History, we must support the momentum now. We must sign petitions and go out to as many demonstrations and protests as we are able to, and with our mere presence and numbers verify to the president, and to our government as a whole, our desires and our opinions on the issues relevant to our lives. We cannot just be lazy and shrug our shoulders and let those people up there just run us over with their insidious corruption. Forget about the petty and stupid games being played by Democrats versus Republicans. Just think of the issues at stake and what your vote is on those issues. VOTE WITH YOUR PRESENCE! The president needs to see our desires, by the numbers on the street, to energize him into confident action!

Let us build a more perfect union.

We the People, not We the Corporations.

Join the movement! The future depends on us!


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