Message to the country



We had total 77% success in passing Prop C in Los Angeles! It is the resolution to support a constitutional amendment to repeal Citizens United, the Supreme Court’s decision that turned corporations into people and gave them the power and the loopholes to abuse the 99% of our population into poverty or near poverty. The corruption of our government at work.


This voting success puts Los Angeles on the list of major cities, which gets longer every day, that have approved the measure. It will take a certain percentage of general state approvals and then a certain percentage of congress approvals before the constitution can actually be amended to reflect the will of the people. We here in the L A’s local communities’ involved groups worked long and hard to educate citizens on the meaning and impact that the approval of this measure could have on all our lives, and prompted them to go out and vote if only for this one proposition. And we got 77% approval! It was only because The People managed to get off their couches and spend half hour getting to their voting place and voting that got it passed! THANK YOU ALL WHO DID! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!


It is only because we get involved and educate ourselves and get off our lazy asses and go vote that we can make a difference in our Democracy and way of life. It has been said again and again. We proved it in our last 2 presidential elections, didn’t we? But the effect doesn’t end there by a long shot. If we really want to be heard and force our government to flow with the will of its citizens, we must, repeat, MUST educate ourselves and then GO VOTE!


To all you lazy asses who did absolutely NOTHING  (you know who you are) to improve the quality of our life and government and  who do NOTHING to protest  in any way the abuses by Wall Street, corporations, banks, IRS, government and the like, SHAME ON YOU!

The president has said it: if we do nothing about it, SHAME ON US!!


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