Protest T-shirts for all



OK. So now I am upset enough and angry enough to start a Protest Shirt line, designed and produced by me and for sale to the general public, that spells out the evils of our modern society and corruption of our government. We, The People, just passed Proposition C in Los Angeles, which is in support of a constitutional amendment to repeal Citizens United, one of the WORST evils in our country. We are now another big city in the U S that has approved such measure. I want to help. I want to voice my opinions on my chest. I want many many other people to stand up and do the same and see if we can turn this country around. We can do it by voting. We can do it by educating ourselves and others. We can do it by standing up and voicing our opinions and DEMANDING that OUR government do something about these things for our benefit. I hope you join me and RESIST ALL THIS ABUSE!

I am pricing my shirts at $20 (including shipping within U S) and you can view the full line (additions to come) at

You can inquire further through the “contact” page there. Thank you.


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