There’s a bad smell in the air


I watch PBS a lot. As much as I can. For my education. Specifically watch Bill Moyers and friends. Heavy education. I am sensing a really bad smell coming from Washington, our Capital. It’s called The Republikan Party. Yes, I use a K to spell that word because for a long while now that part of our government seems to me to be totally alien. It seems to be from another country. From another continent. It seems to be from a different government than what we supposedly have in this country. And those Republikans seem to be totally opposed to helping this country to improve the deplorable condition our middle and lower class is in. No, even that it is something of their creation! They seem not to care one iota if the country sinks into oblivion the way the Titanic did into those frigid waters way back then. And that really smells bad! It seems like that Republican aspect of our government, being under the umbrella of the richest one percent of our population, don’t care if we as a country perish from the map. Seems like they figure that if they become the “victors” of their evil agenda when the country finally collapses they will own all the “spoils” and to hell with the rest of us and to hell with the “country”. They seem to no longer be thinking about “country”. They are just thinking of how much more they can acquire for their selfish greed.  They are really trampling on us! They are little by little taking everything we have, everything we deserve as hard working human beings.

People, we are in trouble here. It’s a critical time now. It is a war we are fighting here. We are being royally abused. We are being robbed. We are being ravaged without conscience and with total disregard for human dignity. The Repubs and their corporations just want to make mindless consumers of us all. 

In my book, these people are real low-lifes! They are immoral, unfeeling, inhumane bottom feeders out to rape and pillage the land for only their own benefit. They don’t deserve any of our sympathy for no reason.

I guess you can tell that I am mad as hell and won’t take this any more. As far as I am concerned, the Republikans are history! In my voting future they will be totally transparent. And I mean INVISIBLE! I will be voting other than Republikan if only so as not to vote for republikans. They are the scum of the earth!. I will be voting Democracy, not Plutocracy. Hope you will also.


Obamas’ Reign – moving forward

 This is our house! We can occupy this house!


You heard the president say it many times:

We the People

We the People

We the People




We can direct the course our government will take with our joint voices. Just like we went out and voted four years ago, and more recently again, to change the shape of History, we must support the momentum now. We must sign petitions and go out to as many demonstrations and protests as we are able to, and with our mere presence and numbers verify to the president, and to our government as a whole, our desires and our opinions on the issues relevant to our lives. We cannot just be lazy and shrug our shoulders and let those people up there just run us over with their insidious corruption. Forget about the petty and stupid games being played by Democrats versus Republicans. Just think of the issues at stake and what your vote is on those issues. VOTE WITH YOUR PRESENCE! The president needs to see our desires, by the numbers on the street, to energize him into confident action!

Let us build a more perfect union.

We the People, not We the Corporations.

Join the movement! The future depends on us!

That damnable gun industry, background checks, etc


Simply put, the gun industry gets its riches mainly from all those individuals who in their mental imbalance  either crave to have an arsenal in their possession for whatever paranoid reason they feel is real, or those who are so far off track that they have some kind of craving to shoot missiles at high velocity toward any object, out of some kind of rage and aggression toward society, be it inanimate or alive. The industry knows that without these insane individuals the riches would not nearly be at the level that they are by no means. They know that if assault weapons were banned and background checks were enacted, mainly to keep imbalanced individuals from getting their hands on guns, they would loose most of their purchasing base. They are right. So the industry, by way of the NRA in part and through their warped and paid political Republican allies, puts up a huge fight in preventing any sane legislation to pass, and the victims of gun violence be damned!




People, RISE UP! They have the money, but WE HAVE THE NUMBERS! It has been discovered, through polls, that 80 or 90% of the U S population agree that present gun laws are not effective enough. Yet, because of the Republican resistance, today’s gun legislation effort, April 17th, 2013, failed to pass. President Obama is pleading desperately with us all to become active in government matters and stand up for what we believe in and be counted! We are not going to accomplish anything if we don’t!


The evil injuries of Citizens United et al


In case you are not aware: the Citizens United ruling is the one singular cause at the bottom of the economy’s collapse in ’08. Wall street behaved in the unregulated unethical corrupt way because they could under the fact that their devious ways could not be regulated. The banks were bailed out by the government with barely a slap of the hand and now they are again producing record profits for themselves and will again, at some time in the future, collapse the economy after CEOs have made their billions in income and can go live in another country if it gets too hot for them here. The only solution  at this time is to dismantle Citizens United, but it can only happen if the masses of people get off their asses and start demanding that the government dismantle it. Do your own research into this and sign petitions. The president is telling us that the only way to effect real change is for the PEOPLE to rise up and be counted, be responsible, care seriously about what is happening here and what all these super-rich corporations are doing to us all. If you want progress for the 99% and a better life for yourself, at least go out and vote against Citizens United next voting day.  And go watch Bill Moyers and Rachel Maddow on their websites if you don’t already. It will open your eyes about all the current topics of concern.  Please.                                                                                                                                                                                  

The all pervasive Hate Syndrome of our world


Very sad to say, it looks like the feeling of hatred is everywhere in the world. Between countries. Between races. Between ethnicities. Between men and women. Between parents and their children. Between children. Peoples disenfranchising each other, cheating each other, abusing each other, disrespecting each other, maiming each other, killing each other.

We Human Beings are all the same. We were all born prone to the same cruel vicissitudes of nature in this world we live in. And we all suffer from it. Earthquakes. Fires. Floods. Diseases. Old age. Death. We were all born with the same feelings inside, the same wants, the same needs. Save for the few who through a trick of nature or through psychological abuse became totally unfeeling and incapable of recognizing and respecting the feelings of others, we all want to be respected, we want to be treated with compassion and kindness, we want to be loved, we all want a safe place to live in,  we all want a secure roof over our heads, enough food to feed ourselves and our children.

Yet, despite that inescapable truth, the great masses of the world mistreat one another and discriminate against each other, conspire to take each others’ possessions from them, plot to destroy each other in any number of ways.

The great sages and would-be saviours of our societies keep coming at us in every age. Buddha, Ghandi, Jesus, Dalai Lama. They all tell us Love is The Way. Love thy neighbor. Respect nature, of which we are all a part. The Beatles sang it: “All You Need Is Love”. Crosby/Stills/Nash sang: “if you can’t be with the one you love, Love The One You Are With”. I believe it was Carol King who sang “Only love is real, everything else Illusion”. Someone else chimed “Love is The Answer”. It seems like they knew that this is the way to real happiness. Even the only way to real happiness. Nothing else really matters, does it? Yet, we persist in not learning the lesson. We persist in not believing it. We persist in our thinking that there are other things that will make us happy somehow. How ignorant we are. How misguided.

How glorious and satisfying and rewarding and joyful this whole planet could be if humanity shared all its resources and knowledge equally among the peoples. Just a wishful fancy in my head. Will probably never come to be. Selfish greed and egotism will keep winning and controlling societies ’till the end of time. Or more like ’till the end of Humanity, which, alas, may come sooner than we think.

The state of the world 2013


Turmoil all over the world. Social turmoil. Economic turmoil. Political turmoil. Religious turmoil.  All of them threats to the well being and healthy disposition of Planet Earth. But all of them irrelevant in comparison to the threat from population growth and climate change. If those two elements are not brought under complete control we will be experiencing the Mother of all planetary threats sometime in the not too distant future.


The weather has been changing already. Storms of all kinds getting more intense and frequent. We are polluting the soil and the oceans, our food supplies are dwindling and becoming more unreliable and poisonous. And all the while populations keep growing and we keep decimating our environment and our earthly resources as if the supply will never end. It seems that about 40% of our populations don’t even know what global warming is about. Very unsettling state of affairs. If the trend continues, we will be seeing all weather patterns intensify all around us everywhere and sooner or later it will be our turn for disaster wherever we live. Like the lemmings, we are heading straight for the cliff and the irrepairable plunge. Swim or sink, that will be the order of the day.