Republikans abusing you.

Corporations abusing you.

Wall Street abusing you.

Banks abusing you.

Government abusing you.

Health insurance abusing you.



Educate yourself.

Educate yourself.

Educate yourself.

Stand up.

Get angry.

Speak out.



NOT PLUTOCRACY (look it up)


The all pervasive Hate Syndrome of our world


Very sad to say, it looks like the feeling of hatred is everywhere in the world. Between countries. Between races. Between ethnicities. Between men and women. Between parents and their children. Between children. Peoples disenfranchising each other, cheating each other, abusing each other, disrespecting each other, maiming each other, killing each other.

We Human Beings are all the same. We were all born prone to the same cruel vicissitudes of nature in this world we live in. And we all suffer from it. Earthquakes. Fires. Floods. Diseases. Old age. Death. We were all born with the same feelings inside, the same wants, the same needs. Save for the few who through a trick of nature or through psychological abuse became totally unfeeling and incapable of recognizing and respecting the feelings of others, we all want to be respected, we want to be treated with compassion and kindness, we want to be loved, we all want a safe place to live in,  we all want a secure roof over our heads, enough food to feed ourselves and our children.

Yet, despite that inescapable truth, the great masses of the world mistreat one another and discriminate against each other, conspire to take each others’ possessions from them, plot to destroy each other in any number of ways.

The great sages and would-be saviours of our societies keep coming at us in every age. Buddha, Ghandi, Jesus, Dalai Lama. They all tell us Love is The Way. Love thy neighbor. Respect nature, of which we are all a part. The Beatles sang it: “All You Need Is Love”. Crosby/Stills/Nash sang: “if you can’t be with the one you love, Love The One You Are With”. I believe it was Carol King who sang “Only love is real, everything else Illusion”. Someone else chimed “Love is The Answer”. It seems like they knew that this is the way to real happiness. Even the only way to real happiness. Nothing else really matters, does it? Yet, we persist in not learning the lesson. We persist in not believing it. We persist in our thinking that there are other things that will make us happy somehow. How ignorant we are. How misguided.

How glorious and satisfying and rewarding and joyful this whole planet could be if humanity shared all its resources and knowledge equally among the peoples. Just a wishful fancy in my head. Will probably never come to be. Selfish greed and egotism will keep winning and controlling societies ’till the end of time. Or more like ’till the end of Humanity, which, alas, may come sooner than we think.