Republikans abusing you.

Corporations abusing you.

Wall Street abusing you.

Banks abusing you.

Government abusing you.

Health insurance abusing you.



Educate yourself.

Educate yourself.

Educate yourself.

Stand up.

Get angry.

Speak out.



NOT PLUTOCRACY (look it up)


There’s a bad smell in the air


I watch PBS a lot. As much as I can. For my education. Specifically watch Bill Moyers and friends. Heavy education. I am sensing a really bad smell coming from Washington, our Capital. It’s called The Republikan Party. Yes, I use a K to spell that word because for a long while now that part of our government seems to me to be totally alien. It seems to be from another country. From another continent. It seems to be from a different government than what we supposedly have in this country. And those Republikans seem to be totally opposed to helping this country to improve the deplorable condition our middle and lower class is in. No, even that it is something of their creation! They seem not to care one iota if the country sinks into oblivion the way the Titanic did into those frigid waters way back then. And that really smells bad! It seems like that Republican aspect of our government, being under the umbrella of the richest one percent of our population, don’t care if we as a country perish from the map. Seems like they figure that if they become the “victors” of their evil agenda when the country finally collapses they will own all the “spoils” and to hell with the rest of us and to hell with the “country”. They seem to no longer be thinking about “country”. They are just thinking of how much more they can acquire for their selfish greed.  They are really trampling on us! They are little by little taking everything we have, everything we deserve as hard working human beings.

People, we are in trouble here. It’s a critical time now. It is a war we are fighting here. We are being royally abused. We are being robbed. We are being ravaged without conscience and with total disregard for human dignity. The Repubs and their corporations just want to make mindless consumers of us all. 

In my book, these people are real low-lifes! They are immoral, unfeeling, inhumane bottom feeders out to rape and pillage the land for only their own benefit. They don’t deserve any of our sympathy for no reason.

I guess you can tell that I am mad as hell and won’t take this any more. As far as I am concerned, the Republikans are history! In my voting future they will be totally transparent. And I mean INVISIBLE! I will be voting other than Republikan if only so as not to vote for republikans. They are the scum of the earth!. I will be voting Democracy, not Plutocracy. Hope you will also.